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Monday, January 12, 2015

Fun Plans at The Works with the Farmily!

I love how my family embraces and engages in my work at The Works.  It has always been a family activity supporting The Works so it isn't a surprise when I went to work there it cotinued.  Sally was not expecting to see a Joe Leithauser volunteer name tag in my office. This made me smile- I like the fact Sally now knows Joe has an official role!!

Life on Newark-Granville tonight has me typing while wearing Joe's straw cowboy hat that arrived for his Hawkeye get-up for the MASH themed Cocktails by the Fire on Saturday, February 7th!! On Saturday we had a blast shopping for the outfits at the Army/Navy Surplus store on Rt 16 go way past central Pataskala on the right if heading west.  This really is a fun night and important event for our glass studio-the fire in Cocktails by the Fire is the furnace/glory hold in the glass studio!! Dress up in MASH themed style, a character from the show, or dress in festive wear-I hope you'll join us- get your tickets now- call 740 349 9277! or email me and I'll get you added to the list.  As a bonus you get a tax deduction to start the new year.  I'm thrilled with our partners supporting this event-Mill Street Distillery in Utica will partnering with us on our speciality cocktails!!  will be the way to keep up to speed on details!!

But sooner than CBF- on Friday, January 23rd we have the opening of the WWI Exhibit- The Great War Comes Home and our MEMBER only event in the museum. You won't be disappointed- wonderful work in the gallery- we'll all learn something new about our community and this war to end all wars.  Members will be treated to a great night at the museum with Night at the Museum-Battle of the Smithsonian as our inspiration. We'll show a movie, have theme based activities, snacks and even a cool party favor!! Plan now to attend- not a member- please join- great way to support this special institution and get access to incredible museums all over the country- most for free! (Life on Newark-Granville Road in particular loves to visit the Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh!)  The kids are excited for some of the costumes and props arriving to make this event a bit more execking!!  We hope those attending the Member Only Event will dress as their favorite character from the movie or even our museum or come in their PJs!  Also on the 22nd- WWI private opening/dinner with lecture- let me know if you need details

Life on Newark-Granville Road is happy to have another family night in the living room- snow days, cancelled basketball games, birthdays and football games rally us together! We plan, play, talk, share and cheer together during these special nights.

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Wendy Hollinger said...

ooh. I didn't know about the by the Fire event ... sounds super. The Distillery is great, too.