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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ask and you shall receive….or don't ask and still good things happen…..

I do believe in putting things in writing to make them happen, and sharing it with God or the universe or both…and today it happened.  I was told that Joe and a friend solved all the worlds problems during a conversation at church fellowship time.  So I asked- when do we have dinner tonight?  With choir practice and Peter's basketball game it wasn't looking good for a time to gather. Said friend was kind and wanted to help- offered to shop, drop off a rotisserie chicken- so nice!  Mid day we received the text- game moved to 6 pm…which meant- 7:15 dinner for the Leithauser- woo hoo!  Thanks be….

It has been a full fun week-you can tell how busy life is on Newark-Granville Road based on blog posts!  I haven't shared our happenings since last Sunday! I'm happy to say all has gone so well- been a lovely week.  Thursday's highlight was a valentine cut-out class.  What a treat to spend midday art time with wonderful women.  Was able to be with a friend I don't see enough and value time with- we needed it and didn't even ask- it worked so well.  Thursday night the lecture and dinner at The Works for the WWI exhibit was wonderful- so great to meet the contributors and learn more about this fascinating war with its technology advancements.  On Friday our Night at the Museum was a blast- over 200 folks came out to enjoy the special opportunity to be in the museum at night.  All sorts of happy memories were made and those in costumer were the best!  Cocktails by the Fire is well on its way with the host committee and signature cocktails determined- join us on Feb 7th- and embracing the military/MASH theme is fun- Joe makes the best Hawkeye!!  Kids basketball has been great- a highlight was Sally on the court at Denison during Women's Bball game and going with the team into the locker room-we didn't ask for the dance party but I smiled so much my cheeks hurt! Thank you Coach Lee!

Peter's team had their first win and Peter played really really well tonight.  The lasagna I made after a great yoga classs- warm, not hot and oh so nice- delighted 4 of the 5 Leithausers living on Newark-Granville Road!  Time at church was good- participating in the call and ordination/installation process of FPC's leadership is a privilege. I'll continue to ask and say thank you and count my blessings on Newark-Granville Road.

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