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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#denisonproud x 5

It is #denisonproud week and the reality is I could type for days about all the things I love about Denison.  But I'll limit to five….

1. Family comes first! We're a Denison family- my brother and sister followed me to Denison.  I married a classmate and now have a Denison brother in law.  All five of these amazing alumni make me proud!  They're all doing good work in their professions- solving problems, training others, advancing their organizations. They're all life long learners making a difference in their communities with volunteer leadership activities.  #denison proud of my Denison family!

2.  Denison family goes beyond my blood red connections! My Denison friends impress and wow me all the time!  The Ohio Eta pledge class of 1986 (DU Class of 1990) are strong successful happy women- smart attorneys, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, volunteers, business leaders.  And I can say exactly the same about my college roommates! Lucky for me I keep in touch with all of these fabulous women and thank Denison for the friendships!  #denison proud of my friends!

3.  Denison classmates- what a treat to connect with classmates over the years with reunions and my work on the hill!  A great example of this is with classmate David Howitt '90.  I remember Dave well from our deniddo days.  It was great to see him in Oregon when his wife created and launched Oregon Chai- I was traveling there for work!  He was back recently to talk on campus and share in person sentiments from his book-Heed Your Call!  I read his book and was all the more proud of my friend from the 1990s and what he's been able to accomplish and how he is inspiring and supporting others!  Dave is doing really well and we're all proud of the work he is doing with TedTalks, TVinterviews and seminars to pursue a call! Denison's president- is #denisonproud of David too:  Ohio   Allison Bolch Moran was back on campus to show her daughter and a friend our great alma mater! Allison's an amazing executive and volunteer what a treat to meet her daughter and have lunch together at The Inn! Carolyn Edds son is a first year student- we so enjoyed meeting him when he was taking a look and happy to know he is on campus carrying on his family's traditions!!  These are just a few examples of the many classmates doing wonderful things and I look forward to learning more as our 25th Reunion approaches this Spring!  #denisonproud of Denison Class of 1990!

4.  The Works: Ohio Center  for History, Art and Technology (where I work) aligns beautifully with Denison and its liberals arts experience! So it is no surprise Denison interns thrive with us at the museum!  My colleagues always compliment the Denison interns that support the development efforts and what they glean from the experience. This summer's intern did a particularly great job with her end of session presentation.  A student has made her way to us for the spring semester. She is doing an independent study in education-looking into the learning opportunities museums offer- we'll be a great fit for her research!  She is a history major, education minor, senior- it will be a treat to help connect her to the smart and talented people I work with making a difference in children's lives at the museum!  I've had five summers @ The Works and five interns!! #denisonproud of all 5 interns!

5. Denison- fair college on the hill! Denison is an amazing place to visit weekly! It is beautiful and supports this community in incredible ways- too many ways to list here.  A friend took her family to dinner in Curtis last night, Work will be on campus for Kids Tech in a few weeks, our social dinner group hosted a beautiful evening in Curtis Lounge in January, the Mitchell center entertains and delights while keeping healthy numerous "townies" including my family.  The staff and faculty make for fantastic friends and community volunteers and I'm lucky to have Denison in my life so fully! #denisonproud in Granville/Licking County!

I could go on and on about the alums beyond 1990- well beyond- before and after I've met over the years and all of the above topics..but I won't. Life on Newark-Granville Road is indeed shaped and formed thanks to Denison!  It is a fun week in my life on Newark-Granville Road - I'll be in red to show my pride and look forward to attending #DenisonEverywhere with my Denisonian friends!

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