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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday morning walk…...

No Sunday School for us today, my usual plan to do all the things I want to do has been shelved.  Reality is I usually have two things I want to do at the same time- sleep in and cook breakfast/go to Sunday School is a great example.  Sure enough our evening was later than I anticipated- doing all the things I wanted to do yesterday took time- so we slept in and the kids are still sleeping.  It was a long long week and I want to give them the rest before we gear up for another full fun week on Newark-Granville Road!  I also want to make them breakfast- Nana cakes.  I also want to savor the quiet and not rush today.  I look forward to returning to my Sunday school class soon- not next week- Church Annual Meeting.

So on my walk this morning I thought I didn't have much to post but wanted to share some thoughts and sightings.  Joe is out of town having fun- I'm so glad he takes these annual outings to Vegas with friends.  Friends are important- and quality time with them is challenging at this place in our lives.  Joe loves to use his math brain and Vegas is a good place to do it. I only know this from heresy- I haven't been.  That is a whole other blog topic as I a dear friend shared her activity while visiting the "sin city"- the sites, museums, tours, exhibits, architecture is enticing!  Not to mention the restaurants and pools….some day.  I digress- sorry.  I also love Joe being out of town so I get to walk in his shoes and soak up quality time with the kids.  We've had a great weekend and it will continue today.  Don't get me wrong- I'd never want to be a single parent- those doing it I applaud and respect you.  For 48 plus hours I admit to enjoying the alone time I get- the focus I have to have on all 3 of the kids.

So Joe is the dog walker.  I am so grateful. I really now have to let him be as after breaking my ankle the dog will pull me down when he sees other dogs. I know we should work on this with obedience training but add that to the long list.  I think Joe enjoys the quality time and exercise- well at least I have this weekend.  I do change my route depending on walkers, runners and dogs.  But here is what I want to share, I'll stop rambling:
       -the new bridge!! It is gorgeous! Yes bigger than I had imagined but what a welcome site!!
       -the new paths to the bridge
       -the views with the new bridge
       -yes you can tell I'm very excited about the Rotary Bridge to Raccoon Valley Park and the River Road- coffee shop access!!
       -woodpecker- I found him- I heard him first!
       -cows- didn't see them yesterday- were they there, is my memory fading?
       -2,000 plus steps on my fitbit!  Yes the walk with the dog- the little loop gets me a big jump in the day when counting steps!
      -the dogs response to trucks- geeze? Joe has told me but I haven't experienced it first hand.

We live in this amazing community and are lucky to have the bike path and nature at our finger tips.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is filled with so much to see and experience. Slowing down to see it is good for me and good for the kids  The Blessings of a Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel- a beloved book I'm rereading it talking to me in so many ways.  Blogging today is giving deeper impact and self reminders about slowing down and recognizing all our longing are good when we can keep them and check and recognize what they represent- blessings, blessings in every step I take in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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