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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

what a beautiful 10 years…..

I started with the title- 10 year anniversary of the ice storm.  I didn't want to name the blog entry with Sally's birthday as the idea starter with that event. Even though it gave many of us refreshed perspectives, new traditions and really good stories to share.  Yes today is Sally's 10th birthday.  Wow! 10 years ago today at this time I was admitted to be induced at Riverside.  It was my 3rd time at that hospital, I had wonderful, happy labors so I was ready.  I walked in with my the gorgeous flowers coworkers gave me. We lucked out with the nurse we had with Peter's delivery. We figured it out discussing the fun dates our kids have for birthdays- Peter is opening day for the Reds and Sally shares my grandmother's birthday- epiphany!

10 years of watching and learning about this sweet child who cares and cries, makes us laugh- she is the 2nd funniest in the house.  She is such a wonderful third child, I pause and can't even fathom what our life would of been without Sally's arrival. My life really changed when Sally arrived.  It did start with the ice storm- the challenge of very pregnant without power for 12 days and the amazing community, friends and family support.  Sally's Godfather is the man that answered the phone when I was in early labor while we were staying in Columbus and didn't have our "plan" for Clare and Peter.  You bond with friends in new ways that open the door to your 3 and 4 year old at 4 am.  I stopped working- prepping to end a job I loved wasn't easy but it was right.  My five years at home with kids was incredible, volunteering, learning new things about myself and this incredible life on Newark-Granville Road.  That all led to work @The Works ( which is so fulfilling and has connected us in so many way.s.

This snow day has me remembering her 1st year and lots of snow.  A wonderful neighbor friend took the older kids often-  to preschool, over for the house for play dates- huge help.  This town is an amazing place to have a baby when you have other kids.  I would nurse and hold Sally watching Clare and Peter sledding across the street- life on Newark-Granville Road beauty.  The first thing they said- after Happy Birthday Sally- and is it really a snow day- when they came down stairs this morning- can we go sledding across the street please?

Ten beautiful years in this life on Newark-Granville Road.  Many shared in blog entries.  Someone posted on FB recently- "I don't know how you keep up with the blog" know that this is good for me- it allows me to capture and relive and "extrovert" important moments in my life.  I probably could blog every day - there are so many good things to capture and share- we'll see if I can get into a regular routine in 2015.  Thanks for sharing- the time has come to celebrate Sally with Sally.  She is awake and ready for Nana-Cakes- I get close to making pancakes (thin and little) as god as my Mom's.  It will be a treat for me too.  We'll wrap up this 12th day of Christmas on Newark-Granville Road together, our wise girl will receive and continue to give us gifts of joy just as she did ten years ago today.

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