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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starting Off 2015 Productive…..

1st- I know you want to know about the pile at the curb….put it out there, put it writing- it happens! Our first picker arrived, knocked on the door and was pleased to have permission to take some things.  I'm fascinated by her choices- an old door, the from Nadine's Kindergarten room play stove- wet and soft at bottom, but repairable she left the fridge, the drying rack- I hope it goes to good use, gets resold- this is recycling at its best and I'm grateful!!

So I see this movement as part of my productive day on Newark-Granville Road!  I found the dining room table- continued to put the misplaced items from the basement and the holiday pile ups in temporary homes or back to their places- we're still unpacking our clothes- some of us.  I baked birthday cup cakes for a friend and kids dessert, enjoyed a catch-up call with my mom while enjoying a homemade delicious scone and savoring the quiet- everyone else was still asleep.  I made a yummy breakfast for the kids and Joe, exercised with a friend, took a hike with the family.  Boy Sugar Loaf is pretty- the wind and cold was powerfully exthrillerating- a New Day/ First Day hike is a great start to the New Year. I did the good luck dinner and appetizers- sad that the kids don't really enjoy it- will they some day? Sally did like the pork, Peter the black-eyed pea dip - but the sauerkraut- not so much- are they my kids? But they are Midwestern kids - more distant to the Pennsylvania Dutch relatives- but maybe they're just kids. The good news Joe and I love the edible requirments of they day and I loved being in the kitchen.  I did get to see the amazing Michigan State win- perfect game to catch at the end! I love the Winter Classic and enjoyed watching part of that while working out- thank you Maximum Fitness!  Joe cleaned off the computer that was waiting for this task in the basement. We now have awesome pictures we'll bring out for Throw Back Thursdays and such and new music to add to play lists! We also have a kitchen table again!!  So yes a full, fun, productive day and now we prepare to cheer on the Buckeyes!!

I'll wrap up this first blog post of the new year with the quote I posted on FB-with the NG road added!

 Happy New Year, it's time on Newark-Granville Road to unfold new horizons and realize new dreams, to rediscover the strength within you, to rejoice in simple pleasures and gear up for a new challenges.  unknown.

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