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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Community Dinner Time- Fish Fry and Spaghetti!

Last night's Fish Fry at St. Ed's did not disappoint!  Lucky me to have fun things to look forward to on Fridays- just makes the last day of the week all the better!  Last week it was our anniversary dinner, last night the 1st Fish Fry! Although staying at home on a Friday night is usually something I look forward to as well- having something fun on Newark-Granville Road is pretty great!

Fish Fry- if you never been- you should- join us!  Last year I gave tips about fish fry attendance- take a look at blog from 3/14/14- Fish Fry Prep!  We usually go toward the end of the dinner and we walk. You are welcome to walk with us or meet us there.  Or go on your own when it works for you- you do not need to be catholic!!  The remaining dates of this year's Fish Fry at St. Eds are March 6, 13, 20, 27 Time: 4-7:30…4 is for the early bird/ seniors I believe.  It is just such a great community way to have dinner and support a church doing good in the world!  It is also fun to see the great volunteers making this special gathering on Newark-Granville Road happen!

While I'm promoting great community diners- Newark Maennerchor Spaghetti- the first Wednesdays of the month 5- 7 pm, so one this Wed, March 5- Newark, Maennerchor 195 Orchard St, Newark, OH  Want to go with us- let me know. Often we're busy on Wednesdays but I'm always happy when it works to attend. We'll even do take out- quick hellos to the good folks there and then dinner galore!

Life on Newark-Granville Road is always happy to see that Fish Fry sign go up outside of St. Ed's church!  Lent is a time for reflection and fellowship and fish fries!!

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