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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Denison Class of 1990- Reunion Planning! Live Music

So not only do we have Derby fun in our lives on Newark-Granville Road…we have our Denison 25th Reunion….I'm co chairing the effort with amazing roommate from Denison- Lauren Staniar Haarlow  We've getting help from a great committee- including Joe Leithauser.  One of the fun hightlights I'm working on is the Friday Night Party for our class and the triple 20th reunion group- 1994,1995, 1996! My sister Sarah and her friends are that crew- woo hoo!  I was able to talk to the Ark Band coordinator- Terry yesterday.  He made me happy- his whole spirit through the phone was happy.  Reggae makes me happy and it is so appropriate to have this live music for our reunion!  My Denison days soundtrack includes lots of Reggae.  More later about the reunion…..but in the mean time- visit the Ark Band website and then visit the WCMF Dominica page and vote for the Ark band to participate there….help a man out!  Life on Newark-Granville Road- be happy, feel the love…Class of 1990 Denisonians- come to Reunion!  Register now!! Don't miss the early bird special:

And by the way the live music on Saturday night is awesome too- love that living on Newark-Granville Road means I love in our college town!

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