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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

getting into summer mode…..

So May happened and it was amazing and June is here! Just a peak into the reality of my life.  At some point I need to find and clean up all the things- papers- I've hidden. It started with Derby party clean up and continued all the way to reunion last weekend.  The dumpster in the drive way is the bonus to the construction project in our basement so now is the time to clean!

Peter missed a camp start day yesterday- oops. I had it down for next week. I'm glad his pal told him- "they called your name yesterday".  We're figuring out the basement project as we go- the floor was in worse shape than anticipated- Dad you were right. Griffey is barking at the arrival of the construction guys as I type!

Life on Newark-Granville Road in the summer-every day is different, we ride the wave, we sit loosely and say a prayer of thanksgiving when the sitters walk in the door.  We hug them and cry hallelujah when they take the kids on fun outings and keep the TV off with games.  Joe has the math and reading assignments ready to go. I get reports of seeing my kids on their bikes in town and a pat on the back for parenting this way.  The wet towels show up in interesting places and do they ever get dry on their own? I'm enjoying the last of the peonies- boy I love them- all the petals, full but delicate and the scent....ahh!

Welcome June and a change of pace with fresh air!  Tonight we get a bonus- Peter's baseball game at Don Edwards Park has us there for the opening of the Licking County Settlers- the summer wood bat league- college kids from all over doing what they love, supported by the awesome folks of this community.  Join us-

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