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Monday, June 8, 2015

a Triple Crown Winner for 2015!

After American Pharoah won The Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown- Joe captured the moment- "now in your life time" he told the kids.  With our care of horse races due to our annual Derby party and attention to the Preakness and Belmont, plus trips to Keeneland- it is pretty special to have a three time winner!  I am looking forward to our Derby glasses for next year- an asterisk
will accompany American Pharoah's name indicating the triple crown winner.  What a race, what a horse, what a lovely night for a triple crown!

So how do we celebrate on Newark-Granville Road?  We watched Secretariat tonight.  Rainy night with "to do work" for me- personalizing invitations to Festa Binaco- see the events to attend on the left or visit  Joe had not seen this Disney story of the amazing.  Sally did not remember going to the theater with me when it was released.  It was a movie I'd watch over and over again- a great story, beautiful scenery- yes Keeneland is a film site!  We all enjoyed the movie and the attention on the feat that American Pharaoh accomplished this weekend- three cheers for the triple crown winner of 2015!

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