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Thursday, June 18, 2015

missing shoes

as in the act of longing for- that kind of "missing".  I have a love hate relationship with shoes.  I often get dressed from the shoes up- what do my feet feel like wearing today- flats, heels, wedges, boots.  Oh do I love boots! I joke that I go from boots to open toed and struggle with the in-between! I love toes that show and toe polish is such a fun treat!  Now that I have real finger nails- yes it is official my horrible nail biting habit has been kept at bay for 6 months- I also get to have fun with color and that touch of finish there.  Before the toes were my only chance to select color and I embraced it.  I also love the pampering the pedi provides.  I digress- shoes!

So I am missing two pairs of shoes in particular. I know they were tossed in the last big clean or a dog ate one, better said- chewed on one! This is why when a wonderful puppy I know chewed on a garment I was wearing this week I didn't get upset-I giggled, hard.  The one pair were black sandals- a number of black straps, perfect 1 1/2-2 inch chunky heel- professional for summer and comfortable. I bought them at Talbot's years ago- I had them when I worked at DU the first time.  I miss them.  The other pair were nude platform wedges.  I bought them thinking no way I'd ever wear them.  I didn't like platforms, they were too thick, too much of a fad- but they looked great, were comfortable, gave me height and went soooo well with my maxi dresses.  I have not looked to replace them and now I'm thinking that is a mistake.

I walked all of DSW, Nordstroms, Nordy Rack and TJ Maxx last week- could not find the shoes I was looking for- strapy black sandals with the right heel or open toed nude flats- maybe a peep toe flat or with a small heel.  I love the nude shoe look but the heels I have are not my favorite to climb the 5 plus flights of steps to the new office.  The good news- last summer's broken ankle forced me into two pairs of very sensible- one not stylish at all- shoes that I find myself choosing to wear on certain mornings. Mornings like today in my life on Newark-Granville Road after standing at a swim meet last night are just what the feet ordered.

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