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Friday, June 12, 2015

went to town…..

The phrase "go to town" popped into my head to describe my day yesterday.  I was "in town" quite a bit. 

I was downtown Newark for a meeting about Festa Bianco (August 1st  I'm so happy to be in the role of volunteer at The Works.  I am really looking forward to a very special evening and event there in August- I hope you will join us- invites are in the mail very soon!! Woo Hoo!  What was special about being in Newark was seeing good friends, good people- my colleagues from The Works.

I went to Granville many times yesterday. I stopped on my way back to Denison for lunch and a run through the James Store with the 50 percent off sale. Sigh…..I cant' wait for them to re-open I'm so sad about their move from the beautiful downtown location.  But I won't wish away summer.  It was great to run into friends in there- various trips.  I was able to delight Clare by including her on the deals!

I went to Easton for a happy touch-up pedi and manicure- I'm looking good!  I went with Denison red toes and my first french manicure on my grown, no longer biting nails- woo hoo!  

I ended back in Granville meeting a Denison friend and classmate in town to show their daughter Denison!! 

In all of these places I picked up gifts, a red dress I've been desiring for the new job and some little bits and pieces!  I enjoyed taking a seat outside at the Buxton and saying hello and ahhh. Going to Town has many meanings- traditional and urban- google it and you'll see.  Life on Newark-Road went to town in many ways yesterday and it was wonderful!

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