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Saturday, June 13, 2015

say it out loud and make it happen…..

Last week after dropping Peter off for baseball I sat and read in the car before the game.  When I met Joe I did the "ah- we could of, we should of gone out for breakfast at Sparta".  So last night when I came home after wrapping up two weeks of awesome parent receptions with June Orientation he said- "want to go to breakfast in the morning?"  Yay Joe for saying it out loud, remembering and the invite.  We had a great breakfast with Sally today and saw good folks and supported a wonderful venture.

Sally and I checked in with Janice who was there and Janice read Sally's shirt to her in question form-"what amazing thing are you going to do today"?  Sally said- "watch my brother play baseball".  Sweet but not what was to be!  I was suppose to play tennis today but not enough signed up and it was cancelled. I was disappointed but embraced it. Then at check out Joe noticed the young eagles free flight day flier and said to me "if we had known"….  I seized the day and said- "Sally want to get a free airplane ride"? Sally said "yes"!  We said good bye to Janice and she said- "go do something amazing"!  And Sally did!

I love this program and applaud the volunteers that make this happen. Clare and Peter have done it in the past a few times and loved it.  Sally was never old enough and we have been busy the past few years to make it happen. You need to be 8.  Want to learn more- face or  Sally was able to join for free- this organization does a great job promoting STEM learning, not to mention building confidence and making ah-ha moments happen for youth from all over! It was a lovely day seeing the families take to the skies today. Dreams came true, fears were conquered and passions were passed around as pilots of all ages donated their time.

Life on Newark-Granville Road enjoyed quality time with my youngest today- it started at breakfast and included a ride in the sky!  She was brave, confident and beautiful. She held my hand a good bit too. Sally saw the Longaberger Basket Building, Buckeye Lake- she said it has not been drained yet and the Don Edward Baseball Park where Peter was playing- they tipped their wings to say hello! Share, talk and say it out loud and good things happen!!

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