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Friday, June 26, 2015

#best of denison…why…supporting the fair college on the hill!

This has been a fun week of posting on facebook in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  The #BestofDenison campaign on social media- FB is my preferred posting place, however I've done my share on Twitter and made an attempt to engage on Instagram too.  I'm not only playing along because I now work at Denison or am an engaged alumna- I want to increase visibility and help support the cause.  #BestofDenison is to showcase all the good, and the pride we have about so many components of Denison and the education provided and it links to annual fund donations.  These amazing things happen in Granville, at Denison because of generosity and support of alumni, parents, friends/staff of the college- we can all give. The fiscal year ends June 30th and gifts are needed:

Class of 1990 Alums- lets reach our goal- we had 76 folks on campus, lets get to $75,000- we're so close!  We received an incredible education, created relationships that surpassed 25 years because others that went before us gave to the college.

Local Friends- Denison is a non-profit thriving in our community- lets help keep it strong with a tax-deductible gift!  Engage with the collage- attend art and sporting events. Eat in the dining hall, walk the campus and bio reserve- know donations make all of that possible.

All others- Denison is a college that changes lives- great book describing why this is so. I'm fortunate to see the students engaged, happy, challenged. I've spent the week talking to current parents hearing incredible counts of their children's experiences at Denison- good things are happening, the best of things are happening.

Every dollar and donation counts and helps.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is all about helping the best of Denison continue and your support is appreciated!

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