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Monday, June 22, 2015

returning the favor…..

When we go to Maryland we love our pool time and a home cooked meal.  My parents came to visit and the timing was great. I was able to be with my Dad on Father's Day and it worked to see Peter play baseball under the lights on the big field.  I love cooking a meal for my parents.  After all these years even the kids know what they like.  So when at the IGA we pick up things that we don't usually keep around- just to make Pap happy.  Well some of it makes me happy too- happy hour supplies- cheese and crackers.

The weather cooperated for us and I'm so pleased. Yesterday we had a nice pool day at Moundbuilders. My father likes to sit in the shade and read- our pool is ideal for that and it is they way I like to do pool time too.  My mom likes to feel the warmth of the sun and chat and that is exactly what we did.  The water temp was gorgeous so we all spent time swimming, floating and enjoying being together.  Nana thought it was pretty fun to see me beat Peter in a 25 free- woo hoo!  Tonight's baseball game weather was ideal- cool, but not cold, warm but not hot! And they won- hooray for the Granville team.

Today they came to see me in the new office and have quality lunch time with just me. I'm the oldest and love my alone time with my parents.  I took them to lunch at Slayter and then I took them shopping in the book store for Dad's father's day gift.  Role reversal from all those visits all those Denison shopping days.  Life on Newark-Granville Road likes to return a favor, in particular for my parents.

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