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Friday, January 29, 2016

wish I would of read the book first…..

This may be a blog post that starts today and is added to later…in fact it will be.  Today I share about a book I just read to encourage you to read it, share your thoughts with me and if able join me to hear from the author!

Orange is the New Black by Piper Kermin- long ago I heard about this book and then the net flix show….I meant to get the book but didn't.  Non book club books are rare and this year I've added work reading…so the "want to read" stack is high.  I need to write it down. Right now it appears when I scan a real book shelf and go…oh yeah i need to read that…example: Girl on a Train.  Although book club does have the recommended list and many of my "to reads" are there.

Because I do love to hear from an author of a book I've enjoyed I just finished Orange is the New Black  just in time- Piper Kerman will be at Denison on Tuesday, Feb 2nd at 7 pm!   This book is more than just a good read- it unveils a world needing reform and attention, awareness and support.  It ties to good work in our communities and others to employee and support returning citizens. And I know there will be more….I'll have more to share when I hear from Piper and attend the presentation on Tuesday. Join me if you like, spread the word and bring a friend.  I'll have more to say after I discuss the book at the Denison book club I'm glad to have joined.

I am so glad I read the book. I valued the experience and miss Lichfield and Piper….Tuesday will be a good day in my life on Newark-Granville Road!

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