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Monday, May 30, 2016

swing, splash, sparkle, that, chat, laugh, pray and praise outside....

captures Memorial Day Weekend on Newark-Granville Road!

It was a fun, full weekend that included swimming the lake, golfing twice, opening the pool, chatting and reconnecting with friends and family, great meals, reading and floating and soaking in Vitamin D.  Mix it in with Granville and Newark's high school graduation and the grad party fun, topped off with some sparklers since we'll miss 4th of July and a thwack with high pitched squeel and ooo of a pinata and it all rolls into quite a weekend.  I'm a happy tired gal on Newark-Granville Road tonight.

The highlight of the weekend was church. This is a surprise for me as certainly the pool's opening with the reconnection with so many good people and the return for me to my happy place where I float and see the blue sky and towering trees and all my cares drift away.... or the chance to be on the golf course,  smiling as I think of achieving a par and birdie on the course today!!  Apple Valley family time is also amazing and the 7 am swim is something I adore for many many reasons....the go-pro was an awesome addition- well-done Clare and kids!  AND we had so much fun attending the opening of the Canal Market District- sorry to miss the dedication due to kid sports but loved jumping into the fun offerings and great live music- Humming House!!  So many good folks and what a gift for our community.  Yes amazing weekend, the church service was that good to be a highlight.

Speaking of the highlight, here is the scoop- I had no plan to go to church this weekend.  We embraced no sports and just selfishly wanted family time in favorite places..and sleep-ins! However when I heard Sarah Kosling was visiting home from her Peace Corp time and collecting seeds during Children's moments at FPC I could not stay away.  Sally joined me and was one of the few kids at the front of the church this weekend. Usually we have a steps overflowing but not this holiday weekend so all the better to be there! What a wonderful lesson.  Karen asked Sarah about her role and we learned about her work as an agricultural coach and why the seeds play an important part in her work.  The whole service had moments of beautiful praise and prayer, even poetry.  This is the link to the sermon- it is worth the read and pause to ponder.  I just did and took away more...Memorial Day Weekend is about remembering and honoring and thanking and church helps me do that- I'm glad I was there.

Church prepared me to really appreciate and value all the other awesome activities- swimming and walking and sharing it with family and friends in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I think I do a pretty good job of not worrying too often about getting things completely in order, or dealing with anxiety- it is there but it doesn't get in the way of swinging, splashing, dancing, sparkling, celebrating, chatting, laughing and praying in this beautiful life on Newark-Granville Road!  Follow more summer fun with #ngrsummer


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