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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Follow-up, more nights like these....

As promised here are the photos of my new home away from home!  If you are on Denison's campus I hope you will find me! The intention of this fabulous space is to host families, engage and converse! I appreciate this view very much- seeing student space is inspiring!  I'm in Burton Morgan- the building attached the parking garage.  I have connections to this building- I moved into it in 2004. I admired the planning, process and purpose of the gift that unites students, faculty, staff and alumni.  We also add family - friends of Denison are family, parents, grandparents, student's families are Denison family.

Joe and I have a saying- more nights like means boy this is a great night, this is what it is all about.  I had two nights like that this weekend.  Saturday night we grilled steaks, sat at the dining room table and had family movie night.  We watched Diehard!  Bruce Willis fun since we all saw him while filing FirstKill in Granville.

Tonight we partnered with the Mattimoes and hosted the FPC High School stop on the progressive dinner - kicking off the season! It was a great night-kids loved the wonderful meal and ambiance created in the Mattimoe back yard.  We sent the group on its way to dessert and then we embraced the moment.  Dinner for us on the patio.  Our teens returned and Peter ate again. Sally came back from basketball and joined us for the delicious meal.  We lingered and savored the beautiful evening with friends.  I wish there were more nights like this on Newark-Granville Road.  I'm glad I had these.

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