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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the real deal...change of seasons....

So many little things to share, that are not little...
-the car that didn't stop for the bus? GEEZE- driving in Granville, anywhere- slow down, be aware.  It is bus stop time of day- you have to stop.  Black convertible porsche- shame on you.  I've certainly had my oops- didn't stop at the cross walk and feel terrible, oh that was a stop light, not a stop sign...this is real.  The kids struggle with the bus drivers- they have such important jobs and I love that she honks whenever that happens...and it happens too much!  Thank you bus drivers. Thank you drivers that stop and are aware.
-yay Saly for finding the rust marks on my skirt- I lay this one over the top of the hangers...there is a bad hanger in there....or maybe it is the old house closet bar...sigh....
-saw my 14 year old son naked today- eek- I admit I've been curious, I am his mother...I know he is growing up...that reality I wasn't quite ready for, that change....a whole topic I'm not going into- we're very comfortable in our home, the house lay out, two bathrooms are shared, but the transitions pull the kids into more modest, some what modest approaches, not today!
-Clare confirmed it is the last day of summer, we'll welcome fall- so she has on her Jack Rogers.  It inspired me to pull out a summery top and some white. And Sally asked if she could wear autumn dresses tomorrow. I'm with you Sally. Can there be a cold snap please- the Denison Red sweater would be great for Big Red Weekend....78-80s makes it hard to dress....transition times!  I was the kid on the first day of school, no AC wearing the wool kilt and no we didn't have a was my new back to school outfit and I was wearing it no matter the weather!
-The day did start with a wonderful visit to the yoga mat at Breathe...ahhhhh the sunrise sky my favorite shades of blue and yellow...ahhhhhh good thing I got up- as you can see I needed it.  My balance poses were off- right could do nothing, left was good.....we're in that place of switching again- but aren't we always?  
Life on Newark-Granville Road- thanks for sharing any insights you have for these things I welcome. Feedback isn't always easy but it is valued and appreciated.

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