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Monday, September 19, 2016

HATSOFF 2016...a few pictures with some behind the scenes....

Thank you, thank you! All those that donated and made this work. Love this chance activity for the Works! Love a friend went home with the Dom, love the smiles and ops and ahhs and those that rolled with not getting the Dom or scotch!
Always more fun with a friend!  Glad the camera was out at the end of the night. Great pic Carolo- make sure you go to Facebook and see all the ones Carlo took- fantastic. Wish I had more to share!

Our only photo of the night!
Argyle Photo Booth Rocks!
Funny- when we went to take a picture at home before we left- sure enough no memory! Just like the commercial! Both of our phones- geeish! We made it a point to get this photo!

HATSOFF art purchase 2016- thank you Chris lang! She shears sheep and uses the wool for the felting- love her work!
Meet you at Howard! Thanks Howard and Janice for all you've done! It was the end of the night but we got one in....still looking good- hot HATSOFF!

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