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Monday, September 12, 2016

Three-ish....Book Club's Count

Thank heavens the book club women know when I say bring one to is okay to bring...three-ish..Even I showed up with three books to recommend! I only put two on the board thought...and wow both were picked this year!

What a wonderful evening, what a fabulous group of intelligent, caring, passionate, well read, articulate women.  How lucky am I to have this gathering in my home, in my life on Newark-Granville Road. How fortunate to have friends to read with, discuss the books, to help direct and keep me focused- finish a book to discuss.  Read something recommended by someone I respect, follow a list created by a process I adore!

We come with one-ish book to recommend. We listen to one another.  We vote. We schedule and we make sure our protocol is applied- a non fiction, a young adult, a classic- at least one of each is on the list.  The classic takes more time to determine but we do it.  Themes bubble up- water, WWII, certain countries, women's issues- we all grow, are challenged, laugh, cry, think, pause because of these books, these reads, these friends, this time, this night on Newark-Granville Road.  Want the list, want to join the group- email me at

I love the fact this book welcomes everyone. We miss those that have moved away, moved on to other groups or just can't fit it in at this time....we welcome new members- hooray- three today!  We always discuss the books. You may attend if you haven't but spoiler alert- we will talk about the ending.  Some of us enjoy a bevie from the bar, some don't.  We make December special and always select for the year in September and for the most part meet on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:30 pm.

Life on Newark-Granville Road- sharing the book love, another great night!

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