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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Volunteer and Staff Logic

I can reflect on my life and know volunteering makes a difference and therefore volunteers make a difference.  Volunteering for Denison and The Works led to a deep appreciation and knowledge and ultimately my career in development, education and the non-profit world.  Worlds that relay on volunteers.  This weekend in my life on Newark-Granville Road my return role as volunteer for The Works was in full swing and it felt good!

Training I've received for my role at Denison has presented the mindset of helping people feel good. When you volunteer, donate to a cause- it feels good, really good.  This week and weekend we had our affirmation. For three days I spent time with donors and volunteers in Massachusetts- Concord, Mass to be exact.  Spending time in this historic town was inspiring- reflecting on our country's formation.  Those volunteers that made a difference. Was our country perfect at the start- no, but we started.  Concord embraced and continues to embrace the free and deep thinking, its literary history is quite inspiring.  The weekend wrapped in Newark, Ohio with amazing people united to make a difference, strengthen, sustain and move forward The Works. HATSOFF! the fundraiser was quite a special way to give back and see volunteers in action.

The staff of The Works deserve huge kudos.  This event only happens every two years but takes months to plan and execute.  The staff put full time jobs on hold to support volunteers making a difference.  The hours the staff put in almost make them volunteers!  Thank you Works staff for all you did, do and continue to do- thanks for loving The Works, Howard's vision, Licking County, Central Ohio, eduction, the arts, STEM, downtown Newark so well.  Volunteer leaders- you rock. You said yes, you created vision, you put endless hours and worry to make it happen and it happened so well!  Works volunteers that are always there- event after event, tour after tour- Alison Miller shared the sentiment last night and she was  so right- the incredible energy and commitment is inspiring.  I also love the family support that is in action- parents, siblings, family friends- pretty cool to see in action.

HATSOFF is incredible- what an event that allows volunteers to shine.  Creative energy and outlets in every part of the museum and tent.  The designer tables, Denison actors, creative and beautiful inside and out chance sales people- woo hoo!  Auction offerings allow business to shine- thank you, thank you for each every donation.  I oohed and ahhed at so many.  I loved watching talent merchandise it in the Works way! I am so grateful for the friends who helped transform the wall of wine to the Speak Easy Spirit!  The bag of miniatures was too much fun!  We even have a friend buy a bottle through us- delivery happens tomorrow!

This is a mini figure eight- picking up bottles, donated, delivering bottles and auction item.  My life on Newark-Granville Road circled back to volunteer and it feels great, but I did it with so much help, support, partnership and I'm so grateful in so many ways.

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