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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Driving We Will Go!

A driving she will go, A driving she will go, high-ho, the Clare-e-o, a Driving she will go!  Yes Clare passed her driving exam and has her drivers license!  The plan in her head was to secure it in October when she turned sixteen, but that wasn't in the cards.  She was not ready.  She needed more time and practice. Even Mother Nature knew and her December exam had to be scheduled for January. That gave "us" more time.

I posted the photo on Facebook as...happiness is....and I was indeed happy on Saturday.  We spent well over an hour practicing her maneuverability.  There were a number of hours like that- Clare going over and over the required movements. Me on my phone answering questions, offering encouraging comments.  It was during the practise in December when Joe called to say her exam was cancelled due to the weather.  There were also stressed filled drives with my not so encouraging comments I'm afraid. I'm grateful Joe was the one that coached her with queues that finally clicked and she had her process that worked- she just needed confidence. She scored a perfect score on that part of the test.  I'm grateful for the friends with cones and poles to make practice for these past two months possible. I'm grateful for Clare for embracing the time with her parents to practice. I'm proud of Clare's learning, organization, resilience these past few months.  The garage door is now replaced and there was a scary near miss- I pray these lessons stay with her.  I'm grateful for Randy's coaching not only of Clare but of us parents at the Pataskala Driving School.

This is a special moment in time and I am grateful to all the Facebook likes, texts, family, colleagues and friends that shared this milestone, sent well wishes and congratulations, and listened to me rattle on and those reading now.  I love how these past weeks have dusted off my own memories of learning to drive with my parents, the Drivers Ed videos...I am very leery of following too close behind a tractor-trailer. My early adventures out and about in Franny Annie the stationwagon!

It has been fun watching Clare engage with her siblings on this topic.  She likes having Peter with her which pleases me so much.  Sally is working through it and rolling with her new shuttle driver-giving advice all along the way.  A new phase, a new chapter and the opportunity to get to know our children in new ways.  Or the old is new again may be more appropriate.

Life on Newark-Granville Road now has three drivers and three working cars.  Clare doesn't get a car but shares and coordinates with us on what car to take.  They're old, safe and fun to drive in their own ways.  They have some scratches and dings but they make us all happy to go a driving, and yes a driving we will go!


Behind the scenes of these pics......she had me keep the wreath on the car- it helped her align properly on the maneuverability test.  The test examiner liked Gretel (car) uniwiper.  She didn't even consider what she'd be wearing for the photo- no make up, no earrings, just Clare as Clare.  I'm glad to have captured this special moment and have shared it with her.

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