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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A light still shines....

The Memorial Service for Sue Murdock was something I won't soon forget.  I shed quite a few tears and many of them happy.  Happy tears at a memorial service, really?  Yes, the service did exactly as it was intended- we celebrated an incredible life that touched so many, inspired so many and carries on in so many ways.  Sue's life and the music shared on Saturday was indeed something to celebrate and for which to be happy.  And yes appropriate to shed a tear- tears of sadness as she will be so dearly missed.  But tears of joy and gratitude for her amazing light that shined and shines on in so many ways.

All of the students that united to sing with the choir, students that sang with Sue and the music passed down and around to those of us here now.  "I sing because I'm happy" will stay with me.  When I saw an alumnus of the choir leaving rehearsal I remarked to Peter- how nice that Zach is back.  Peter said- oh Mom, he's singing a solo and you're going to need tissues.  When he left the car I picked up a familiar tune but didn't put two and two together.  Peter's whistling Steel Away touched my heart.  As did hearing in person Cohen's Hallelujah on the piano by Ryan Black and hearing Larry introduce the duet.  I cried when I watched the video on Facebook, however felt the joy of a life all the deeper in Swasey Chapel.  Even Sally talked about the beautiful music and how she loved being part of the big big choir of all ages.

Funerals are for the living. Sue lived an incredible life and those that pulled Saturday's service together did so very well for so many.  I hope their memories, the music and the light of that will carry on into so many lives including mine on Newark-Granville Road will comfort them.

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