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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Broken Ankle Diaries.....

I'm not sure dear readers want to know how I am passing my time, however this is the way I communicate.  I don't post on Facebook or Instagram multiple snapshots or sentiments, instead I save it for the blog!  I tend to like to blog when I'm happy and I can genuinely say I've been very happy this weekend.  The "re-boot" pun intended has given me a chance to:

-see movies!  A Dog's Purpose and La-La Land.  The handicap accessible theater and reclining chairs are a great way to relax and rest.  Thanks to friends for driving and sharing time like this!

-get Shutterfly projects done! The kids' India books are on ordered.  I love that Clare requested the same documentation from the Africa trip. It was fun having Joe proof it and relive our very special trip to India.  My Mom's Christmas gift- Shutterfly Calendar- is on its way!  Technical difficulties played a role in the delay and I'm happy to report photos were accessible (most of them) and I was able to take a walk down 2016 memory lane go produce this valued gift.

-get the blog published.  Blog2print allows me to move these ramblings and photos to print!  2016 is on its way to me.  I don't do a good job of journaling and I'm not sure they'll ever be read but maybe a great granddaughter someday will be grateful I took the time to produce a hard copy of the chronicled life on Newark-Granville Road.

-enjoyed breakfast with friends.  A real breakfast with delicious fruit, eggs with vegetable, crisp bacon, toast and then breakfast dessert- coffee cake from scratch made-up recipe.... yes it was that good and quite a delight.  Of course, girl time catch-up and some puppy dog licks helped my spirits soar.

-filling the refrigerator with homemade yummies! Family dinner with delivered meals, time around the table with food made and delivered with love and care. We're all sooooo grateful, so grateful.

-enjoyed time to give thanks to God and be with my church family.  FPC is very special and our annual meeting was something I didn't want to miss for many reasons.

-work planning executed!! YES!  I made it to work on Friday and was able to cross a few things off the list and work with dear colleagues to move us forward for important February meeting.  I've relaxed and enjoyed the weekend all the more and look forward to more work on Monday and Tuesday.  If surgery happens this week I'll be ready mentally.

-resting.  I type from the couch. I'm listening to my body and fascinated by what hurts when. How maneuvering in certain ways allows things to happen and not happen.  Resting when tired and pacing myself for the activities mentioned.

-watching tennis took me back to the last break.  The left ankle was broken in the summer, memorial day weekend and I sat and watched tennis as we do at "the lake".  Watching the Federer match today was a treat and something I don't believe would of happened without the boot.

I'm sorry not to have seen any of the kids' basketball this weekend. I'm checking in on social media and very aware of what I've missed and meant to attend.  However, the weekend with the boot in my life on Newark-Granville Road has provided unexpected and unplanned happiness.

***Note all of this made possible by the arrival and use of the knee scooter! WOW what a difference it makes.  The memory of the uncomfortable, physical wear of crutches the last go around really made me pause about venturing out.  The scooter is fun and freeing.  I know I need to be careful.  The person who loaned to me gave accurate advice: two hands, go slow, uneven pavement can be scary!  

And.....Joe, the kids, and friends who help me maneuver the steps with the crutches are also key to my freedom.  Sally is my bonus helper with dressing and putting things out the night before.  Showers continue to delight.  More later when we create the plan post MRI!!  I type with gratitude for the drop-offs, stop-bys, ventures, texts, offers to help....this will go on for quite some time and I will accept the help.

new view at work- 1st floor office for now!

scooter has basket!

tennis is great entertainment!

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