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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Relaxing into the New Year.....

We left Newark-Granville Road to celebrate the end of 2016 and welcome 2017.  We had the good fortune to be hosted by dear family at their lakehouse at Apple Valley.  It has become some what of a tradition and we were grateful to the repeat occasion and timing.  Here is what made the day so nice for me and why...and some details if you are interested.

I slept in- actually slept in...ahhhhh and the way my sister-in-law rousted the troops....with monkey bread warm from the oven waiting to greet us!   Want a receipe- here you go.....

We took a hike to the waterfall.  A beautiful hike 1 mile to the destination and 1 mile back.  We traversed field and forest (pine stands) and soaked in the sunshine and fresh air.  The water fall's sound is so soothing. The kids all love this hike.  They climb, explore and found a new way from the river over the "mountain"- I'm not sure it is a hill, maybe a bluff?  We all returned hungry and ready to dig into the traditional meal for New Year's Day.  Want to find the waterfall and follow our footsteps- visit:  Note you can drive to the falls, we suggest going to the parking lot off 62 to the Honey Run Highlands and hike down to the falls- you won't be sorry.

We enjoyed our New Year's traditionl food and so much more!  Ann and Scott are fantastic hosts for many reasons and one is the way they spoil us all with plenty of great food.  My kids love the pepperoni rolls and this trip voted the pepper sausage appetizer with chedder cheese a must have again item.  I contributed with pickled herring, black eyed pea dip and brats with saurkraut- all to ensure good luck for the new year.   Here is the scoop on why pork and sauerkraut and yes a bit of my ancestry- Pennsylvania dutch!

Here is my blog post about the brats on Licking County Eats:

Another highlight of the day was curling up a with a good book, not just a good book, a fabulous book. A book that will stay with me, a book I'll recommend for my book club next year and I'm grateful to the other book club for leading me to Brian Doyle's Martin Marten!  The writing, the story, the characters, the place....the place...I loved being transported to the mountain in Oregon. I loved being in a world with animal's perspectives given voice.  Since there were no bowl games on New Years Day, I declared it reading day and what a good day to read it was!  I found a comfy chair looking over the lake and lost myself in this beautiful book.  Want to visit Apple Valley and see the views-

We made our way home and finished the day of relaxation with a movie. A movie I've wanted to see for some time and voila it became available over the holiday break!  I worked on Monday so this was a lovely wrap-up event for me.   We curled up on the couch and tuned into "Sully" with Tom Hanks. It wasn't quite what I expected but I enjoyed it very much.  It left me grateful for the stringent safety requirements in the world of aviation.  Tom Hanks is one of my favorite favorite actors of all times and once again he did not disappoint.

Back to work this week and back to routine feels good.  No doubt the great day to relax and lose myself with my family in beautiful places with great entertainment helped send me in to 2017!  If you find yourself connecting with these links, places, media please share with me your thoughts. Life on Newark-Granville Road is all the better when shared.

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