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Thursday, January 26, 2017

views from the couch.....

I really can't remember the last time I "relaxed" like this.  Sad that it takes a physical injury.  Don't get me wrong- I've relaxed and watched movies, curled up and finished a good book...I do take time for myself.  But yes, I keep moving and fill my days. So the la st day I was home all day....well it has been a long time. We all know I keep work as a focus- always have and always will.  Even when not "working" my volunteer activities get and keep my attention.  Here are the things that have just delighted me this week.

The shower!  Yes, two plus plus days after the fall and I needed it! As soon as the warm water hit my face ahhhhhhh.  We put an icky plastic chair in the tub- Joe did.  I sat on hand towels and made it all work. I even dried my hair a bit standing on one leg- core work!  A real shower chair will be delivered today. We're borrowing the same one we did last broken ankle. I'm grateful.

The check-ins, offers of food, deliveries to help me keep my spirits up.  It is working.  I do have sad moments. I didn't want this. The crutches hurt. It is very very awkward to get around...but staying in one place for hours on end is awkward and uncomfortable as well!  Just when I'm a bit blue- a text arrives.  I'm only eating when hungry so was off schedule- that little taste of chunky monkey last night when the kids came home was perfect! And then....our own Afterwork with Denison last night- so sweet and just what I needed.  Thanks Mark Sanor and Joe Leithauser for the toast in our living room.

The work!  Yesterday the work computer and my desk piles made it directly to my life on Newark-Granville Road.  I'm crossing a few things off the to-do list and organizing to be off next week with surgery. (Most likely not 100 percent but that is the plan for now)  I'm lucky to have work that means a great deal to me and have a team of people to help my responsibilities move forward.

Netflix, Amazon Prime- Man in the High Castle is good, very good. Although a bit depressing and scary to consider.  This is Us is fantastic.  I appreciate the various recommendations that are making their way to me.  The book club book will make its way to me soon and I am excited for weekend reading!

I'll stop for now...more I could comment on in my life in this state....the box elder bugs that seem to be taking the place of the stink bugs and the Japanese beetles....they come and go with the sun in the window frames.  The Dog's reaction- he did not like the flower delivery guy- yikes.  He loved the cleaning help that arrived....very interesting.

If something like this has to happen, I am very aware- Granville, Ohio is indeed a special place to heal, recover and actually sit and watch go by as I am in my life on Newark-Granville Road!

New view at work- borrowing a 1st floor office!
Scooter has a basket!

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