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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bringing Balance, the other shoe dropped....

...what clever titles to share the latest news in my world?  I broke my ankle tripping on steps, darn pointy heeled shoes that caught and sent me flying.  Darling little heels, the fall sent my toes back and my body forward and OW!  It hurt immediately and colleagues came to my rescue.  I took my first ride in an ambulance. Of course I wanted to be brave and go by car to the urgent care. But it really hurt and I appreciated the quick response from Granville EMTs.  As soon as the air splint went on it felt better.  I share this to hopefully help someone in the future.

I sit now on the couch in my living room on Newark-Granville Road.  We're following doctors orders and I'm elevating to alleviate swelling and making plans to make decisions on how it will heel best. I have my boot, crutches, walker and appreciate the advice and care that surround me.  I think we'll do the knee cart this go-around!  I'm going to work from home and look forward to making it back to the office ASAP!  I am sorry not to be traveling today- After Work with Denison....Everywhere...I'm not sure I have ever missed one.   My pain is managed, Tylenol does the trick, so I can join the toast to our alma mater via the social media connection.

It is always hard to share not good news about yourself.  It is hard to accept help.  It is hard to sit at home and let the world go by.  I have a good book and a long list of Netflix/ Amazon Primes to watch.  I know I need to think about my bone strength and focus on my health.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is all about this reminder.  I know it could of been much worse- it could of happened later in the day and then who would of come to my rescue? Eek. I could of hit my head, landed on my shoulder, really hurt both feet- eek!  I'm not pleased but I'll accept this fate and keep you posted as I recover and heal to be back in heels but taking the stairs a bit more slowly.

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