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Monday, May 22, 2017

Ankle Diaries- my feet ask for these shoes!

Allbirds.  I found out about these shoes from the fabulous Emily- the renaissance woman I'm so grateful to know.  Many of you know her as the INCREDIBLE mixologist at Derby.  She is such a lifesaver to our, my, our sanity when it comes to Derby production.  Not to mention she makes the most delicous best presented julep ever! And I've had a few.  Soooooo when we met to talk Derby I asked about her work.  She is doing fascinating work with on-line only cyber merchandise processes. I asked about her clients and was intrigued. Then i noticed her shoes and inquired- sure enough a client.  She gave me the low-down: super comfy, washable, low carbon footprint, responsible international company.  Still in my boot, I knew I needed to invest in good, supportive shoes- but I wanted something that made me happy.

Allbirds make me happy!  I made my online purchase and went with the classic white.  These merino wool shoes are practical and cool.  Literally cool- the wool breathes in the summer. I loved the website and enjoyed exploring, reading and learning.  Bonus- I found out about the concept store in San Francisco and lucky me was headed that way.  So I was able to sneak in a stop-by on my way to the airport.  I loved trying on the loafer style that turned out wasn't for me.  I came home with my 2nd pair of lace in the charcoal gray color - perfect alternative.  Although I LOVE the colors- happy cheery shoes that are such a joy to wear.

I encourage you to visit the website and take a look and find the "why" the name: Allbirds:  I tell you, I put on other shoes and my feet are like "Susan, what are you thinking, put the allbirds on, please"!  When I get up my ankle is stiff and it is hard to walk.  I do my stretches while showering, brushing my teeth and then I put on the allbirds and walking is possible.

Ankle Update: Each day is different. Some days I make progress, some days I feel like I'm back at square one- not really- just back a few.  I love Physical Therapy days.  I like knowing I'm working to make it better.  The Athletico team is encouraging and positive.  Today I went back to rowing in the basement and loved it.  I went back to Yoga- a restorative practice at Breath- great way to return.  More on all of this later but I wanted to share the update and one of the secrets to my success.  Allbirds!  Walking through three airports and on the beautiful campus of Stamford with a DU parent would not of been possible without these shoes and the great care I've had at Athletico. Life on NG Road is moving forward step by step in the comfort of Allbirds.


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