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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mischief and mystery on NG Road......a theory!!

Sally put together a lovely Fairy Garden this year.  Sweet miniatures were procured by her Mama, but she took the initiative, designed and executed on her own.  We both loved the result.  Colorful, sweet, simple and fun with opportunity for more.  A favorite action was Sally's remembering to include a glass mushroom from a Works FG Workshop years ago.

On the way to work and school one morning we exited the house to find turmoil in the garden!  Table and chairs unturned, the mushroom launched from the container, signage, moss, shells bordering the path all in disarray. The sweet fairy herself- gone!

What had happened? Was it party night with the fairies?  Hmmm June 20th's summer solstice is still quite a ways a way?  More likely animals- but which ones?  Squirrels, Chipmunks, Raccoons?  Looking for bulbs planted?  Maybe birds taking things for the nest. The clue is the mushroom- it is what shows up outside of the container.  Do the squirrels think it is a nut, the chipmunks a bulb or the birds a decorative item and it is just too heavy?

My theory- it is the raccoons and it is the raccoons that took Martha too!  I can see it now.  Crazy vermin- they wanted to visit their kin at Dillon and found a way to drive the car.  Can't you see them- some pushing the pedals, others steering- the crazy chatter all the way.  Those sweet faces- if you know anything about raccoon behavior,  you know they are nasty.  No doubt about it, they took Martha and they've kidnapped our sweet fairy.

Update- Jenny Etz posted a great video on my FB post for this could be the mice!  In the winter I've seen a mouse pop out of its house/ hole in our kitchen floor.  It has made its way to the dog bowl, taken kibble and gone back to the hole/house. And then it repeats.  It doesn't care that I'm there.  And worse- Griffey the dog hasn't cared that the mouse was there.  (Yes we've then taken care of such activity with traps and sealed the hole.  We do live partially in the country- cows not far.) Hmmmm maybe the mice want the fairies out and want that sheik real estate for do you think?

Life on Newark-Granville Road- never a dull moment.  And do know we keep cleaning up after those silly bandits. We'll be ready for the celebration of Midsummer's Night and hope to welcome our sweet fairy home then.   Before and after pictures below.

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