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Saturday, May 13, 2017

It's May! Say no more....but lets celebrate the foundations!

May is beautiful and full on Newark-Granville Road and so many of you are sharing in the whirlwind.....graduations- Denison's is today and the month will end with Granville's.  How fortunate we are to share these special milestones with so many friends.  It is also Mother's Day, honor ceremonies, concerts. The papers to sign and review, invitations to RSVP not to mention just tracking the calendar- it is a beautiful whirlwind.

I admit my energy is lower due to the ankle, but my spirits are good.  The current of joy, pride and pure happiness carry and connect.  I'm adding travel back into my work world and I'm so pleased to do so.  My PT is slowly helping me progress- not as fast as I'd like or the general population understands.  Three months with no mobility takes time to recreate.  And my practical flat shoes are just so attractive- but they are comfortable- my allbirds in particular!  More on that later.

It is May and I resolve to be a bit behind. Derby returns/ lost and found to post- coming soon.  Those RSVP and planning for your kind invites- I look forward to it.  Today is Saturday May 13th and I'm all about Denison.  Dressed in Red, ready to share the special  last night was awesome! An inaugural event- the Senior Soiree was launched by the Co-Govs, well done Olivia and Will- well done!  The opportunity to connect at celebratory events- memories that will stay with me.

It is Mother's Day weekend- my mom and mother-in-law are amazing- I'm so blessed.  It is also my parents Anniversary as well- here is to their 52 years of marriage!! And when Joe and I did the math to get that number- we used our collage grad number (because my parents celebrated their 25th that year) it was 27 years ago. 27 years ago we graduated from Denison.  Another day....but today is filled with gratitude for incredible foundations on NG Road.

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