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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blooming for Derby!

Life on NG Road is prettier when our greenhouse is in bloom.  Barbara our wonderful helper in so many ways assists with the watering and keeping things alive all winter.  A favorite place to relax for me is the greenhouse.  The earthy aromas relax and calm me.  Growing and maintaining the plant life provides a sense of accomplishment.  Derby decorating is all the more fun and practical when we pull out last summer's annuals made into perennials to add color and decor to the steps, stoops and paths.

This year the Christmas Amaryllis bloomed for Derby- adding a lovely touch.  The bulb had been left alone in the green house and sure enough a shoot emerged- making me quite happy. As the bloom showed itself we were pleased to welcome the Go Big Red color to wrap up the school year.

And one more off schedule bloom happened- the Christmas Catcus should really be the Derby Girl.  Happy dessert dweller shared three blooms to bring color to our living room evergreen.

Life on NG Road in bloom is a good thing, thanks for reading and sharing on the blog!



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