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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Philanthropy Fun: Make Plans, Stay on the list!

In the mail on Saturday we received two awesome invitations!  Both are for special events that should not be missed, so I added them to the "Join Us" section of the Blog.  I know there are other things going on that weekend, including Denison Work but I cannot help but spread the word and encourage LONGR to attend!  And of course I'll share the why....

1st- A Sympohny of Flavor on Saturday, June 17, 2017  Learn more about this worthy, important cause here:  pay special note to the youth orchestra opportunities! I am always sad when we cannot attend this event- the menu is so impressive: creative, delicious, innovative and well executed.  I know some of the work that goes into this event and I'm grateful to those involved.  I'm making plans for a great night out with Joe and friends.

2nd- Granville Garden Day Preview Reception- woo hoo! On Saturday, June 17th the Town and Country Garden Tour will take place.  Make plans now to attend, I loved my ramble into the back yards last year.  A fun bonus is the "It's All Greek to Me" Granville Garden Day Preview Reception on Friday, June 16th.  Details about what and why can be found here: "programs and events".   The Jill Griesse Historic Garden at the Robbins Hunter Museum is very special and deserves our philanthropic dollars.

My father always said- if you want to keep receiving an invitation to a fundraiser- give them something.  If you enjoy your college magazine or organizations mail- give them something- stay on the list!  This was an early lesson in philanthropy that has stayed with me.  I won't go deep with this lesson today- but simply say- I'm glad and proud to be on these organizations' lists and grateful for all they do.

Life on Newark-Granville Road the blog started as a replacement for emails I would send sharing FYIs about events and happenings around the community.  Tonight's blog is a return to my purpose, thanks for reading.

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