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Friday, April 19, 2013

Extra Bonus

So on facebook I shared the bonus of Joe getting Sebastian- our convertible- Saab-green- a car with a great story I must of blogged about at some point......out yesterday.  I am so glad I took that car to return to the event at the Works- makes today's rain just fine.

Bonus- exercise today and with a friend..I so appreciate the rides, texts and friends I see when working out- makes it all the more possible.  I need to commit and make time for exercise in my life on Newark-Granvlle Road.  The YMCA plays such a key role in our world- they are always so friendly in their greetings and provide a healthy environment on all levels- I need to visit more often.

So why am I writing about these little things in my life.  They help me.  The tragedies around us take have an impact. I've shed tears a few too many times this past week.  Grant's suicide, Boston's scares (dear friend was way to close to the bomb site) and just keeping up with all these responsibilities in my life.  However friends and sharing and these amazing things that keep on happening despite bad make my life good.

One more: a bonus at last night's event- seeing friends from 100 plus women supporting the YES students and one with her son- wow! What a polite, sweet, giving young man (and mama)- introducing they young YES club artist (who reminded me so much of my Peter with his innocent enthusiasm and pride) to this young cub scout- both boys were beautiful in their attitudes and regard and respect for the evening and I'm grateful.

Today will be filled with many other extra special moments- enjoy them and I'll soak them all in on Newark-Granville Road.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

remain calm...walk into the next at peace. You are so loved. The YES kids were fabulous! I hope I received my bid for Charles's mistake....I loved it. Art and Living is all about process. I have no words for Grant's loss...just love him in your heart. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart