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Saturday, April 6, 2013

loves a good nap!

When I think back on some good naps in my life often travel is related- jet lag's catch-ups maybe?  The nap I took in Dakar the day we arrived was a good one.  I remember one in the house on Mulford on a spring morning awaking to the scent of lilac- we had returned home from a red eye from Seattle. The one I took today after a full and fulfilling work week post Africa trip will rank high as well.  The reading couch in the living room is a great napping couch- similar to other good napping spots.  Something about being so sleepy and having the sun warm and bright on your face helps define and create a good nap.

I don't like to nap- I have to be truly tired enough to be willing to weather through the wake up feelings.  I don't want to ever jeopardize bedtime routine- my current hormone processing is doing that enough! However there are those days where you can't help it- a nap is the only thing that will restore energy required for the remainder of the day or your body just cries out for the break.  Today was one of those days, as I type I'm grateful for the renewed zip and perspective a nap provided making Life on Newark-Granville Road all the more pleasant.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I worked today in the studio and made a couple deliveries ...and then came home and cuddled up under a quilt or two....and took a great nap. Louisville was a great but nerve bending game it is time to catch up on the computer. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart