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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pomp and Circomstance..

I posted on Facebook- "It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood"- on Saturday and indeed it was. Not just because the weather was gorgeous, but ceremony, tradition and Sunday best were everywhere to be seen!  It started with the Opening Day Ceremony at the Ball Park in Granville. Granville Recreation District did an awesome job and all the volunteer efforts paid off.  The fields looked beautiful and the kids in their bright new uniforms made it all the more special.  The beauty was just on the surface, the mission of this program was alive in well as each child was enthusiastically introduced. The only time it happens during the season, they were able to run and give the Columbus Clippers Mascot a high five while running over home plate- all ages enjoyed it- the t-ball preschoolers (I sooo remember and loved those days) to the big kids- older than Peter....we're not out of this yet!  It was my first time being able to attend this gathering and I loved seeing friends, the food that was provided- Yay LMH and City BBQ plus the GRD staff.  We'll be spending a lot of time at the ballpark- at least Peter will be his team plays 3 games a week and he is participating in the new Sunday League.....we'll see if I'm as happy and positive in June! he he....

While doing some errands I had the good fortune to catch a glimpse of beautiful brides maids at the UCC church downtown and see their faces as the bride arrived for the photography session. What a sunny fantastic day to get married in Granville.  The next stop was a quick meeting with a friend who was loaning me some items and we decided to meet at St. Ed's Catholic church....again luck was on my side- it was First Communion Sunday....ahhhhh beautiful kids- hopeful and proud of themselves- the Spirit radiating in all directions- the pictures in front of mother Mary, the carriage ride (how smart mom!!) filled with little girls in white with friends and family....even the cutest, most mischievous kids in town were glowing in job as they peaked out the minivan to say hi!  I was feeling blessed indeed.

We wrapped up the night with Town and Country- dressing up ourselves with a time period of the 50s-60s and New York flair.  Joe's white dinner jacket and tennis bow tie were a hit.  He is so dapper and makes my heart pitter patter every time we get to enjoy these date nights! I love a full skirt and high heels- the scarf over my head, applied red lipstick and a ride in the convertible I was transported back in time and feel quite glamorous.  The group honored Pete and Jean Ullman as they led their last first dance- it was bitter sweet time.  My parents treated me to dinner dances like this with The Assembly Club and misc events growing u- ahh Mrs. Burtner's dance class in middle school- what a delight it carries over into my adult world.  I'm grateful for the leadership, commitment and structure that continues to allow old and new friendships to take in this pomp and circumstance and enrich our lives on Newark-Granville Road.  Saturday, April 27th was filled with a reverence to the past and a hope and preparation for the future and it was beautiful.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Today was a catch up rainy day........ I had a glorious day at Arbor Day at Dawes Arboretum yesterday........but today I was trying to put energy back into my day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart