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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lets Do it Again.....

What an amazing weekend, so little of it actually planned.  We had the basic structure- Denison event, kids sporting, church but none of the nitty-gritty.  In fact some of the nitty-gritty was mixed up....I had hoped all 3 would be singing in church this morning but it wasn't to be baseball tourney success put Peter back on the ball field and a birthday party slumber party let me be the nice Mom for Clare and it all worked!!

I had quality one on one time with everyone including Joe and even me!
Here are the highlighted take aways:
Sally- we had quality church time.  "Tend my Sheep" was beautifully joyously sung by the InJoy Choir with two flutist, Ryan on the piano- it warmed me from head to toe to see those angels- each and every one of them- not just Sally singing that piece- heaven is on earth and it felt so wonderful.  The whole morning was lovely at FPC but it was singing the piece with Sally leading me in the car on the ride home that will stay with me and I will do over and over again in my mind.
Clare- Lacrosse- she loves it.  She had a good first game- didn't score but made attempts/shots, hustled, ran - you'd never know she was on silly happy girl sleep deprivation.  While I was packing up ready to go so we could depart to do a one car family trip to Peter's game- she ran across the field with an excited anticipation and hope the same in her voice when she asked: Coach wants to know if I can stay to play in the next game?  The answer was "of course" and with that she turned and flew back across the field almost skipping. I settled back in the warm sun and chilly air comfy in my Ugg boots and winter coat and scarf to watch these active strong confident girls put a win on their record with Clare on the team.
Peter- I posted it on facebook and will repeat myself here.  Peter left Saturday morning at 7:45 (OK 7:50 we over slept- eek) for Dresden and baseball, played an afternoon game as well with exciting plays and activities and wins.  Sunday was another early chilled game at 9 am with a return to Muskingam County for a 4 pm game and 6 pm game.  I made it to Peter's 2nd game in the 2nd inning- they lost but rallied and kept spirit and performance up for the 3rd game.  At this point Joe and girls had departed for meetings, homework, week ahead tasks.  I cuddled up and watched him where he loves to be- on the field, with his team, accepting coaching corrections and encouragement.  The 2nd game resulted in a win with a medal and all but the happy moment for Peter was remaining behind to watch the last game of the tournament- the championship game.  He wanted to see the strong team that had beat his team go on to win the whole thing. He watched and cheered with a quiet contentedness and respect that touched me.
Joe- quality time with Joe was a simple dinner out at the Granville Inn on Friday night. Friday night was wonderful as it included the reverent Mitchell Center dedication that put us in touch with Denison pals near and far, old and young. Sitting in the pub savoring the delicious new and special menu items and catching up like we use to do with much more frequency was exactly what we needed and launched a wonderful weekend of quality one on one time.
I capped it off with a little quality Susan time- a warm tub complete with fizzy LUSHbathbomb, fun book and Yuengling in a wineglass.....ahhhh....the weekend wraps up on Newark-Granville Road relaxed and reflectively happy.  There were a great deal of other happy interactions with friends and coworkers and places - the weekend was full but these are the highlights.  There were also some stress moments but the cream rises to the top and these are worth sharing on the blog tonight. Thanks for reading.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

So far...........this sounds just wonderful to me!!! Happy Earth Day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart