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Monday, April 1, 2013

Sharing, okay maybe oversharing....

I just posted almost 300 pictures on my Shutterfly share site from the trip to Senegal!! Tee hee.....It is most of the journey and adventure.  There are no descriptions yet...I'll get there but pictures tell the story pretty well.  Many have asked so here they are...if you can't access this site email me at and I'll get you the access to the share site or I can email you the 300 photos- let me know your preference... Eventually I'll get more photos on shutterfly and I'll be posting for a good bit, there is certainly a great deal of blog inspiration in Senegal.

It was an amazing trip and those that want to hear about it- I'm happy to chat or show or over share- but what else is new- the blog can do that a bit is my nature I value communication and want to offer how I like to be treated.  However if you aren't interested in that much detail- stay tuned and you'll see bits and pieces with blog entries's photo is one that makes me smile....sunset, tent- I can feel the warm air and cool sand, and then the reverse, I can feel the softness like no other sand, see the movement like water- it was simply amazing.....thanks for sharing with me.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I hope you will publish your incredible photos..there is no such thing as over sharing photos! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart