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Monday, April 15, 2013

oh the decisions on how and when to give....

I've been trying to figure out how to write about all the options in the fundraising world.  I want to share that even I get overwhelmed.  And am sort of in that place right now....I could be making sooooo many donations right now- a day doesn't go by without an ask for money, or time. And it is because there is so much need.  I admit it is magnified for me as lately I'm doing the approvals for what The Works donations- passes, glass, support organizations raising funds. 

The last time I remember feeling like this was when the church mission committee mailed me a menu of volunteer opportunities.  Note it was a menu of mission options- not even the volunteer opportunities in the church.  I remember feeling like- what are they expecting?? I can't possibly help in all these areas.... I was a new member to the community, new to the church, working with babies.  Somehow I got the message-part of it took until I was on the committee as an Elder that they were not expecting anything at all- only providing options and avenues to serve.

I'm trying to apply that same reasoning now but often it takes a personal talking-to- to get it.  I'm an extrovert and typing is therapeutic.  As I type and think I realize I approach the multiple options The Works provides in giving in the same way- we don't expect anyone to support all of our efforts and we realize that for some none will work- it isn't a fit.  We focus on helping  people match and connect in their philanthropic approach, their community support, in their own legacy leaving by donation, time and connectivity to art, history, science, life long learning,workforce preparation and strengthening where they live and work. Our annual report for 2012 went live today and it is inspiring and humbling to see all the support we receive in so many ways!! I'm so lucky to see the impact those donations make every day!!  I use the analogy of when one walks into the bakery- or maybe a healthier analogy is the produce section- no one expects you to take one of each- you pick and choose what meets your needs and wants at the time. It is hoped you will return and become a loyal customer and tell others. 

I have to apply the same logic to my own giving- take my own medicine.  When I wasn't working I gave my time to those organizations that benefited the children of my community- not just my own children-  I also like to work on behalf of organizations that helped me be efficient and effective in my time and efforts and where I feel happy, at home and make new friends.   It is how I ended up volunteering and engaging and ultimately working at both Denison and The Works.  Another thing about me is I like to connect people to projects and other people.  It is extremely rewarding to see matches work and I'm not talking romantic- although that is cool too! I'm also one of those folks who like to share my opinion- positive for sure and constructive ways to improve too. When I was single I was notorious for letters to organizations, surveys, etc...So put that all together and you get tonight's blog.  The blog is to say "why" not just what is going on in our lives on Newark-Granville Road!   As Joe and I make decisions in our lives on Newark-Granville road that hopefully fuel young artists and scientists, entrepreneurial efforts, creative, important educational approaches, downtown arts, families in need, and important research we appreciate your support as we discern what we can do at this time.

So tomorrow will be day in Granville where we feel the positive energy giving creates and we join in - Styx for Six- HS Lacrosse on the Granville Football field will be an amazing!!  Girls JV game at 5:30  Varsity at 7 pm- 50/50, sales, concessions- all sorts of way to help the Greggory family with house renovations to bring Janet home after her tragic sledding accident. I love I will do this with my Clare and Sally and their teammates- they're both playing Rec Lax this  year!!
100+Women Who Care- amazing giving circle that makes contributions have exponential impact meets tomorrow, celebrating it's first anniversary!! If you don't know about it email me at, or visit  I always learn about more ways connect and see the amazing people caring and spreading the word to move their cause forward- amen and thank god for each of them and all those efforts that keep me thinking and something to support and give to in my own ways.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You make my heart so many ways. Carry on dear sister! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez stewart