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Thursday, April 25, 2013

summer is calling.....

Summer is calling to me...what does that mean to you?  For me it means longer days (June 21st is one of my favorite days of the year), warm ground, cooler air in the evenings (hmmm maybe why I LOVED the feel of the Senegal desert), warm dew on your toes, the rich colors- things sparkle- the blues, the reflection of light off water, the deep green of trees, the many shades of green (more so than spring which I love now- the greens are popping!!) it means carefree time, learning something new, relaxation, more friend time, more time to just hang out and have those wonderful conversations that develops friendships.  It means mowing the lawn, the sound of multiple mowers is like a concerto to me. It means floating, exercising more- I prefer to exercise outside, hot pavement, tents- at camp, and for camping.. it means TENNIS...ahhhh....I could go on and on....

Where do these thoughts take place.....the back yard, the lake and on vacation....but for me most happen at MCC. Moundbuilders Country Club.  I'm so happy we met wonderful new friends one evening at The Works HATSOFF Event in like 2004....Craig Baldwin met Joe Leithauser in the courtyard and talked to him about the many wonderful things in Licking County- including MCC. And the rest is history.  The next year for reasons I'm not going to take the time to blog about we joined and I've been grateful ever since.

It isn't perfect.  It isn't the club that I grew up- FHCC is pretty amazing but not perfect either. It isn't the Lakes where Joe's brother's family belongs with highly successful swim team, tennis and social events, not to mention sophisticated and luxurious golfing....but know MCC provides all the things mentioned above and provides a summer home that I adore.  I also enjoy it year round (love being greeted by staff that are friendly, know my name and embrace the kids)  but the nature of my life on Newark-Granville Road is to love it all the more in the summer.  I'm a huge fan of swim team and so grateful it is something that "is still offered" home town club had it gone for awhile. Again I could go on and on about the beauty of what summer swim leagues offer but I'll stop.  If you'd like to share a drink or a phone call with me I'll explain more.

I ask you to consider joining MCC.  There is a wonderful promotion happening right now to make it a great time to do join.  I'm happy to give you a tour myself, arrange for someone else to give you a tour. Lets meet for lunch or a drink and give you a taste of our fun.  There is an event on Saturday, May 18th- Spring Fling- non members are welcome to attend and experience the warm, social, happy atmosphere we offer and meet others that enjoy MCC.  We'll tell you the truth, give you the reality but also let you share the joy that calls to me each summer.  We'd love to have you at our table.  If you're not interested in joining, but want your child to have a swim team experience non members may swim-my hope is you'll reconsider and want to join after the first week- but know there is a meeting May 1st in the evening about swim team.

My amazing Tuesday evening reminded me of my happy summer days...thanks Lori and Nan....MCC friend's our time is coming soon!  Interested in learning more or joining- let me know!!  Past blog about communication gives you details on that- you can always call me at The Works- 349 9277 ext 234- I think I forgot to mention that...Lets continue to enjoy Spring and not wish it away...but summer is calling on Newark-Granville Road.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is a summer of change...I feel like i am moving on..with a chance to create for 2014 in another arboretum. I am anxious to visit family ...a wedding... family reunion... Dawes ...yes I love my swim team days back in the 60's. My first job was a life guard at Sun Valley Country Club. I think we are all ready for a sweet summer! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart