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Saturday, May 31, 2014

the most wonderful time of the year…...

Central Ohio is alive with the most amazing energy right now- Denison Reunion, Graduations, the last days of school, the Memorial Tournament (Joe and Susan's first date in 1997!) And usually we're busting from one gathering to another soaking it in and celebrating the joy!! Not to mention beautiful weather for baseball and lacrosse and the pool and tennis courts call to us!

Last night with Joe's help I was able to hop to Denison for a Reunion Weekend reception with volunteers and donors and then attend the beautiful Alumni Convocation.  It was wonderful for so many reasons and was indeed a big night out for me.  I had every hope of making an appearance tonight to hear the band and connect with the good folks in from all over. I'm lucky to have friends in all classes from my own volunteering days, working days and my own 4 years on the hill.  I'm sad and feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself- those that know me know I don't stay home and mend well.  But I do listen to my body and I do only what I can.  Tonight I rest and let recovery win. No graduation parties, or birthday parties, or Denison alums (other than Joe)….you all know I would be with you if I could and I so value the invitations and sharing of the fun.

Thank you for all the help and support to let me take in what I can with my injury.  Thank you for the prayers for my dear friend away from home and healing and still in need of care, prayers and medical attention.  Life on Newark-Granville Road loves this time of year and acknowledges how special it is for so many, not just me. Keep me posted on the fun and special times- I love a good story!!

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