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Sunday, November 23, 2014

full fabulous weekend with friends and family….

I had a lovely wake-up this morning on Newark-Granville Road.  I was able to roll-over at 7 am when I woke up naturally, no alarm, and go back to sleep for a bit.   I snoozed and then awoke with a happy feeling that it was Thanksgiving Week.  I soaked in the sunshine peaking through, I was a bit sore after a great work-out yesterday and reflected on the goodness the weekend provided.

Friday night- good art opening for The Works AIR (artist in residence) Phillip.  Thanks to those that were able to attend.  I enjoyed great company supporting this young artist filled with passion and energy for his craft.  Joe took the kids to the OSU/MSU hockey game in Columbus- they had a blast! I was able to come home, open a bottle of great french wine and channel Julia Child to prepare a pate for Saturday night's dinner club.  I love alone time in my kitchen, trying something new!  I also set the table to be ready for Sunday's family gathering kicking of the week of special meals.

Saturday was filled to the brim and I didn't let the ice slow me down.  I enjoyed a good work out at Maximum Fitness, a quick check-in at the Thanksgiving Farmers Market downtown Granville.  The vendors are wonderful and I hope the increase in temp brought more shoppers as the morning progressed.  A beautiful funeral mass to say farewell to the wonderful Jack O'Neil.  Jack was a friend to  our community and he will be missed.  The service was lovely and honored Jack well. He has a beautiful family and his legacy lives on very well.  An appropriate reminder for this week of gratitude to value our days, care deeply for family and friends and share our passions.

Dinner club is a great group of friends that make me dust off cookbooks and stretch myself.  Ann our hostess choose a french theme and I took on appetizers.  What fun to research and understand.  I used my mother's warn and now beloved by me Julia Child Cooking Show cookbook.  I made the pate with apple, thyme and bourbon. I whipped up pate choux with swiss cheese and created a platter of les amuse-bouches - to amuse the mouth- of our group.  It was a lovely night with fantastic food and good catch-up, memory making time with these friends.

The weekend came to a close and our week commenced with a Leithauser Family gathering.   It started with the family joining us for church as Clare and Peter's choir sang.  What a beautiful service with many special moments! Leithausers love to enjoy a smoked ham brought from Sherwood by Nadine and Jim- and when we thought about what to serve to day- Joe didn't miss a beat- ham of course.  Jim and Nadine didn't disappoint.  Sally declared it Hamgiving for us today on Newark-Granville Road. I have fond memories of these family holiday gatherings- it is the only time we really eat mid-day and allow the focus of the day to be family.

Life on Newark-Granville Road has had many happy moments within all of this activity.  I'm grateful for those that shared with me the good news- I won a Jay Young print from the Granville Historical Society Raffle!  I received the official call this afternoon and picked up our latest art addition.  The Granville Greggory Hardware Store- not really knowing much about this we did a little research- always good to learn about our beautiful town.  Always nice to hear others compliment your choices and Leithausers loved the service and time together today- I did too.

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