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Sunday, November 9, 2014

science day for the girls!

What a treat to represent The Works at Granville Elementary School's Science Day.  We set up our table and made the focus:  Science Fair (March 30th- stay tuned to The Works website- for registration details- thanks to volunteers Sandy and Steve Doty and Laura Romano!) and Membership.    Members are important for The Works- they are the folks that engage the most with us and we value input and support.  We want to offer memberships that support the community and we think Membersgetmore is a great campaign- launched today!

My title is "science day for the girls" as Sally and Clare helped me staff the table.  Anytime I can give the girls exposure to science activity I do so.  And my observations today- lots of others did the same. I put my head into one session and was thrilled to see 7 K-1 girls and 3 boys.  And they were all equally answering with great enthusiasm.  Loved seeing all the women science leaders (great to see the Dads) but the role model those Moms serve is important!  Even Laura with her darling sons set an example for all the girls in attendance today.

I don't want to take anything away from the boys or men involved- thank you, yay!  But STEM careers are need of more women-  Last week I met a woman with a daughter that started out on the career path to be a doctor and ended up as a chemical engineer- woo hoo!  As I type this Clare lays on the floor doing math as a family activity…My proud moment Thursday night was joining a Math Lecture at Denison late to find two 9 years olds in the front row- paying attention- Sally and her friend -granted a Math/ Comp Science faculty daughter!  Math Stats/Sports was the topic.  Clare wasn't excited to just listen and asked if this is what college is all about- she finds the dining hall experience much better- however we're confident it will sink in and in the long run she'll thank us and reflect back on the opportunity with fondness.

Thank you to all those involved in today's event in Granville for K-3 grades- over 200 people were there- making this a priority, teaching science in fun ways- it was a great day- just down the street on Newark-Granville Road.

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