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Saturday, November 8, 2014

YES!….bought my 2014 Granville historical Society Raffle Tickets!

Took the time to drop into many holiday open house at some favorite shops- Gallery of Dreams, Matilda Charlotte, Roots and Shoots, visited wonderful stores downtown Granville-Whats In It For Me (awesome store- love how they display/merchandize), Petali Tea, Green Velvet, James Store…Peter got some Whit's, I had a bite of the delicious Buckeye custard…and I went to Kussmaul Gallery- yay!  I went there for a card- they carry a line I so value- sentiments always perfect. I found my brother a little something to send his way for his birthday next week and I BOUGHT MY RAFFLE TICKETS!!! Woo Hoo! I've received emails, seen the posters but hadn't acted- not too late!  Although I don't want to raise the odds of my winning the beautiful Jay Young art- I do want to support The Granville Historical Society- so I encourage you to buy yours too!

Although I'm not ready to jump into Christmas I can admit it is time to start thinking about it.  I love walking through these festive tasteful local business to get ideas and inspiration. My brain needs to get serious about the gifts I'll buy and the additional little touches of decoration I'll add this year.  I love trees and decorate with trees- some good things out there.  Kussmaul again has felt squares and circles stacked to bring charming festivity.

Life on Newark-Granville Road enjoys the beauty all around as the seasons change and we prepare for what it to come and honoring the past.

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