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Friday, November 14, 2014

overheards this week…...

here is what is happening around our house:

-the golf course is white- there should be a snow day.
-Granville should have a rule- 1st snow of season means snow day.
-Mom- where would we go today if no school- you have plans?
-Sally's Xmas list went missing- child said- no worries- you have the list on an email…..(what other emails is said child reading?)
-it is OK- I'll do indoor running instead of basketball (proud mama- he was very sad not to make basketball team and reality is he'll play Rec bball!)
-we love you Peter- one sister
-we love you Peter- one sister
-this snow looks like Nutcracker snow!
-it will snow Thanksgiving weekend- at The Midland!
-Is it Friday yet…..

Yes it is Happy Friday and weekend Blog readers- thank you.  Sorry for the lack of posts- time focused on the kids and some me time!! Life on Newark-Granville Road is gearing up for Thanksgiving, so much for which to be grateful.

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