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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Two Days of Togetherness….

What a lovely Friday it is- some will call it black Friday- Joe did a bit of on-line shopping and my mom did some local shopping.  For me it is Holiday Homecoming Friday- always the day after Thanksgiving- a lovely day at The Works where families bring loved ones to enjoy the special activities The Works offers.  It is also great to connect with The Works family- volunteers and staff that make the event happen.  What fun to see recent graduate back to help and meet a board member's grandson we've met via iphone photos only.  I packed my turkey sandwich complete with moist thanks to bringing turkey breast, stuffing, cranberry chutney and lettuce for my lunch.  I put the Utz chips my parents brought to me on the sandwich when I enjoyed it this afternoon!

It is also opening night for COYB's Nutcracker! Sally and friends are ready.  I delivered her at 1 pm, putting her hair in a bun and feeling the happy energy at The Midland.  I snuck back in to put a coke a cola with her dinner bag in the green room.  I love that Sally has bonded with friends from the community and knows the terminology and hard work that goes into a show like this.  It will be fun to dress up with my Mom, daughter and dear friend to take in dinner and show tonight.  It will be the way to kick-off the holidays and say farewell to the Tgiving weekend.  I almost threw away the pumpkins (compost) and put out some Christmas decor this afternoon…not yet…today in my life on Newark-Granville Road I still savor Thanksgiving's family focus.

Yesterday was certainly a lovely day- Thanksgiving 2014 was all about life on Newark-Granville Road- we never left!  Having my parents here is wonderful- it was a small gathering and quite lovely.  The Granville Turkey Trot raising funds for The Food Pantry is a wonderful tradition.  Amazing number of good folks out and about and fun to connect with them while getting exercise.  Clare and Peter ran hard and well- Peter had a personal best and beat his sister.  Sally joined a darling group of girls and enjoy independent time- they're growing up.  I loved trotting with friends while my parents dog pulled me along- my ankle did well.  Wrapping up the event at dear friends with bloody maries and muffins was something I've wanted to do for years- our low key small gathering let it happen. At home we put our turkey in close to noon and enjoyed our own resting time with the Macy's Day parade and dog show!  The afternoon was about prepping delicious traditional food and breaking bread in gratitude. Life on Newark-Granville Road wrapped up with family movie night-a classic- Forrest Gump.  A good time continued today and life on Newark-Granville Road loves two day of togetherness.

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