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Monday, November 17, 2014

grateful for a visit to one of my "to-dos"…..

What a treat to visit The historic Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA. I'm grateful the Omni Hotel and Resorts have taken on this beautifully located gem.  Old hotels need tremendous love and care and the Omni is doing just that- caring for a treasure that provides a wonderful escape and retreat in the majestic Allegheny Mountains.

Yes it is a bit off the beaten path- we headed North from 64 through the winding roads- taking in the Covington Paper Mill-great to reconnect here as this was a path I crossed  when I was younger and heading to camp my siblings made a song about the experience.  I love that 35 plus years later it popped right to the lips!  I think the extra drive time off the highway adds to the charm of the Homestead Experience.

I've been hearing about the Homestead for decades.  Aunt Francis and Uncle Lewis went often in my mind, my parents didn't indulge but other friends' families did and the ski offerings were part of friends college experience.  I'm afraid a recent report wasn't very good and I had that in my mind - happy to report that was not the case for our weekend!  We had a lovely time and completely relaxed and enjoyed the Virginia time.

I love historic places, the grandeur, character and good taste resonates with me. This hotel is intimate despite the massive room collections.  My walk to the indoor pool early Saturday morning was more of a hike but a delightful one.  Modern and antique blend well here.  The property requires great attention and cost and Omni is doing their best.  The spa has incredible offerings and was a treat.  I love the water and outdoors and in 30 degree weather was able to partake! The indoor pool needs attention but was a beautiful start to my day.  Our dining experiences were beautiful- hard working attentive staff- beautiful ambiance and great food- all reasonably priced for a special weekend.

Joe and I took in the Jefferson Pools- he wasn't sure how to really spend an hour in a pool.  The mineral waters were indeed restorative and relaxing.  Chilly and not modern (although yes indoor plumbing!) we both were glad we added this to our itinerary.  Joe enjoyed top of the mountain shooting activities that were the highlight of his time in Bath County.  I loved my pedicure and time relaxing at the spa.  We explored a great deal of the property oohing and ahhing at various nooks and crannies with spectacular decor and glimpses to the past.  Everyone there seemed happy and relaxed-fireplace and cozy nooks for tea and cocktails set the tone!

Life on Newark-Granville Road will take me back to The Homestead and I encourage you to consider it for a weekend getaway or stop over on a trip east. It is a wonderful place to gather or find quality time to reflect. Historic inspiration and natural beauty blend to offer southern hospitality in this mountain get-away.

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