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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

getting ready for The Nutcracker…..

Once again a daughter is learning wonderful lessons about what it takes to produce and perform in a stage production.  Clare danced in COYB's Nutcracker in downtown Newark for two years and Sally has loved scampering in her mice steps.  Sally repeats the role of a darling mouse not only during the battle scene but also during the "visionary" sequence- she'll be one that scares Clara.  (You know they all look alike on stage so it helps to know what actions they have on stage!)  She'll also dance in the snow scenes as a flurry and queue the music- bamb, bamb, bambbada, bamb, bambabbumb,ba,numb,bump,bump…Puppet…or Shortbread- I think I can do this dance by now! She'll be in this group on Saturday evening and Sunday matinee.

It is a beautiful performance put on by YOUTH- no professional dancers, dancers from many different schools from beyond Licking County.  I love peeking in on the rehearsals and seeing the older dancers prepping the younger dancers. I love seeing how the cast and crew of all ages (parents, grandparents, dear friends) bond as a family as they work hard to bring this holiday tradition to life.  Some tire of the music but I don't - I love it.  I cherish my memory of seeing my sister dance in Altoona and am delighted she and her nieces share the experience.

Life on Newark-Granville Road includes many treks up the stairs and round trips downtown and it is all worth it.  I hope you'll consider attending this year- tickets are available at The Midland Box Office- I recommend stopping in the box office- best way to pick your seat. And while you are there pop over to River Road Coffee and Palumbo's for a treat!  You may also call or go-online: here is the link:  No doubt you'll know many dancers- keep an eye out for the signs in the yards like we have in our life on Newark-Granville Road.

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