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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday, Sunday…starting in the kitchen….

Time to make the chili!  That was the mantra that got me out of bed….not Sunday School, coffee, a walk with the dog- but the call of chili!  I want to get it put together and then into the crock pot!  Chili to be its best needs to cook and even sit- I like my mom's chili and my own better the next day!  This is why I don't understand chili cook-offs.  I get it you want to see the process but to get a top rate chili you'd have to start cooking at least 10 hours before judgement.  Anyway I have not made chili in quite awhile which is why we're staying home to watch the super bowl and enjoy the meal I associate with this American festivity.

So my day started in the kitchen but not with chili.  First I made coffee, I love making coffee now that we have a grinder. We've had it for years now.  I figured out the love of fresh ground coffee at Apple Valley and the next gift giving opportunity Joe received a grinder.  Because of my cold I bought orange juice and poured myself a glass.  It took me to my parent's house immediately.  When you stay in Hagerstown and arise from bed to sit at the white table- 1st thing to greet you is a juice glass of juice.  And then I made oatmeal on the stove top, not the microwave.  I just felt the desire to cook and not heat- I added a bit of milk to the water base.  Federal-Mogul's corporate HQ kitchen had THE BEST OATMEAL and I know it wasn't just water and oats….so a treat to me is to add a bit of fat and flavor every now and then.

Before I enjoyed said oatmeal I did chop my veggies for chili and put them on the stove.  I poured myself a coup of coffee- love that you can remove the pot and the flow pauses for your pour- technology!!  Now I sit at my other comfort spot- the desk at the front window gazing at the beautiful winter wonderland Newark-Granville road has become over night.  If it is going to be cold and winter I want it to be white with snow!  The trees that I love stand sentinel proud and ever present. We will venture out soon for church, skipping Sunday school for time in the kitchen and to organize the day, the week and even a bit of the month- welcome February!

For now it is time to return to the kitchen to more chili to the crock pot for a nice long flavor producing cook and feed the children that have found a reason to arise from their beds….and have headed to start their day in the kitchen. Life on Newark-Granville Road starting in the kitchen.

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