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Monday, April 20, 2015

Derby 2015- Run for the Roses Party!!

Derby 2015 FYIs, here is the scoop, updated April 22:
1. If you know us or our kids you are invited, once invited always invited and please bring friends, family, new folks to town!
2. 4:30 start time
3. Bring a finger food dish to share if you like- no worries, they'll be food!
4. Live music is back under the awesome Kiwanis tent- 4:45 start isn…..
5. Wear a hat- baseball, floppy, floral, fascinator or don't.
6. Dress up as much as you like- but know you'll be outside or inside with a full house. Kids can go to basement and do art on the walls (they are coming down soon after…all tied to water main break issues….)
7. Parking is tough- carpool, park at your local church or friends house and walk, drop off and turn around carefully.
8. We'll have Granville Brewing's Stout or a Porter on tap and of course Yuengling!! We'll have some wines and the best drink of all- The Mint Julep! Kids do get root beer, orange soda or lemonade. And yes water!
9. Bring $2.00 (this wasn't on the reminder) to bet on the race. Post time is 6ish…we'll have two TVs…..$2 goes into the basket. You fill out a ticket- your horse you think will win, your name.  Ticket goes in basket.  At the end of the race all those that picked that horse split the money collected! We love to see repeat winners over the years!
10. Kids like to play games outside too- lax stix encouraged.
11. We love to have you join this party that is our family tradition…this is the 23rd party I've hosted…Joe has hosted 14 with me!! Some times it is big, some times small, some have had pack n plays in the yard, some late night bocci….only fun if good people attend!
12. Rain or shine- self select on the weather- we've had snow flurries and perfect sunshine!! I'm visualinzg 70s and sun for 2015!!
13-   Amazing stuff happening in downtown Newark- put these into your plans as well for Derby weekend!!
14- what questions do you have?
I'll add more as I think of it!!

Update already- amazing bar tending will occur- you will want a julep this year!!!
4/22 Update- Chowdah- live music will continue after 7!  Miss the race, other plans- stop by to see what is going on…come with kids early and then take them home…come back without them- this has been done!!  Band has a member that has attended Derby for years- circle eights- love that he is providing music for us!!

Update today this last day of April- the tent is up, things are being cleaned and readied, and….

the country ham arrived from Maryland- thank you Mom!

We will use this party to celebrate exciting news for me….a new job- over ten years ago I left my wonderful job at Denison to stay home. I had five amazing years at home, while taking time with young kids, I fell in love with The Works.  Lucky me- I went to work there five years ago.  In mid-May I'll return to my volunteer role at The Works and go home to Denison in a job with Advancement, working with parents and family.  Life is figure eights and I love my loops and the people I work with along the way.  Come celebrate with me!

House has her hat…do you have yours?

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